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Public Relations

Put our passion and expertise to work for you.

Assess, Plan & Execute Effective Public Relations

We help clients ensure outreach efforts reflect their goals and core values.


Perception is reality. Aligning how you are perceived with your core beliefs and actions is developed through a strong public relations strategy. Are you asking the right questions? Have you identified the appropriate audience? How are you going to communicate, and what?

3PS can help you develop a public relations plan that fits your needs. Whether you need to educate the public, increase awareness, or advocate for specific issues we will build a custom public relations plan to get you closer to meeting your goals.

3PS doesn’t stop at strategy. We have the relationships and tools to get the job done.

We can help you with:

  • Overall public relations strategy development

  • Communications plans

  • Public speaking/spokesperson consulting

  • Issue messaging

  • Community engagement plans

  • Association or professional organization involvement

  • Public relations tools and creative strategy

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Public Relations
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