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3PS Turns 2

Celebrating the second anniversary of the founding of my company, Three Point Strategies, LLC, wasn’t as eventful as the first –  yet is was more special.

Each year around Labor Day I get to tell the story of how I started my company. First, there was no “I” it was certainly a “we”.  Several people advised, counseled or supported me in my effort to get 3PS launched.  None greater than my wife, Sarah Beakes.

When I decided to go for it I felt a calling, a mission:

to serve clients through advocacy and policy development that will promote a job-friendly environment and prosperity in West Virginia.

3PS’s goal is to put our clients in the best position for success as possible.  We represent job creators.  And when job creators succeed, so does West Virginia.

Here are some random thoughts about the second anniversary of 3PS:

  • We started with one client – to date we have served 16 clients in some capacity.

  • We began in the energy industry – now we have clients in the energy, education, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, and insurance industries among others.

  • Seven of our clients have come via referrals.  In fact, one client that came via referral referred us to another client, who in turn referred us to another, who referred us to another. 

  • Service matters! One client became interested in 3PS because of our content and activity on social media.

  • Admitting when you are stuck and having courage to reach out to trusted advisors is key to growth. I am thankful to the handful of people off of which I can bounce ideas/problems.

As time passes and our business grows it is my prayer that we never lose the energy and passion we have in serving our clients.  3PS will always strive to add value to our clients.  I hope we also never lose sight of our vision when we got started – to promote prosperity in West Virginia and for her people.



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